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Q: Do companions visit long term care facilities as well as private homes?

A:  We have clients living in their own homes, in supportive living, long term and dementia care.  We know that companion care is as unique as the person requiring the service. It is our pleasure to support independence however and wherever that is needed.

Q. We live out of town; will you coordinate appointments and keep us informed with any changes you see in our dad?

A:  Yes, Your Good Company will be as involved as you would like. With your permission we can communicate with staff and family as appropriate, advocate care on your behalf, and keep detailed logs including our observations. We can also plan and facilitate appointments.

Q. If my mother has a lengthy hospital stay, will you continue visits?  

A:  Yes, Your Good Company adapts to changing needs and offers the appropriate support to clients and their families.

Q:   What qualities can I look for in my companion?

A:  Our companions share Your Good Company qualities of commitment and warmth. They bring dependable maturity, a generosity of spirit, joy in connecting, and an appreciation and respect for seniors.

Q:  How do you screen your companions?

A:   Potential companions take part in a personal interview, provide 2 references, and a current criminal record check with vulnerable persons.  Your Good Company has third party liability insurance, and worker’s compensation coverage.   


Q: How do I start companion care services with Your Good Company?

A: Email, or call 780-299-9049.  We will meet with you and create a free Individual Care Plan together. Then we will identify a companion for you to meet, and upon your acceptance, begin visits as soon as you wish.    

Q. What if my companion is sick or unable to come at our designated time?

A: If your companion is sick or away on holidays, we will offer another companion to ensure as little disruption as possible. 

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