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What Clients Say


"Laura has provided exceptional, compassionate care to my dad and I couldn't ask for better peace of mind. They cook lunch together, garden together and sometimes just sit under the apple tree in the backyard talking.  Laura has truly made a positive difference to our family."

"My 3 siblings and I live outside of Alberta, in BC, Ontario, the States and Europe. So when our Mom went into decline with an Alzheimer process, and her husband through his own handicaps was less and less able to care for her, we didn’t know how we were going to manage her care. How much synchronicity then, to discover that Mom’s old friend Louise, had started a business with her cousin, in Companion Care!

Not only is Louise a familiar face, she and Laura provide reliable visits and those little extras that the nursing home staff can’t do.  They do various activities with her, like jigsaw puzzles, help with her fingernails, bringing her husband over to visit her, taking her on walks, and best of all, sometimes they come with their child or their dog. Mom misses her own dog a lot, so it is a real treat for her when the little dog comes to visit. The dog seems to understand what Mom needs and will curl up at her feet, or sit on her lap, giving her great comfort.

Louise also connects with the four of us on a group chat, so that we always know what is going on. She acts as a liaison between us and the home, passing on questions and details that would otherwise be lost or not cared about.
We are so grateful to you, Louise and Laura, what a perfect service for our whole family!"



"Meeting Susan has transformed our family's life. Susan 'gets' my Dad; he is so happy to see her.  She sees past his frail, sometimes confused, exterior and finds the man he was in this world before dementia claimed him.  Her support for him gives me peace of mind.  His spirits have improved with her visits.  I would recommend Susan and Your Good Company to anyone who wants some extra support for their loved one."


"I wanted to express my gratitude to Louise and Jackie for standing by me when my mom needed hospitalization.  It was also the scheduled day for Jackie's visit.  We both stayed at the hospital with my mom while she went through tests at the ER.  I am so thankful that both Louise and Jackie were able to drop everything and help me through this difficult time.   And while I was in hospital for my surgery you both took turns to be with my mom with no hesitation.   I will be forever grateful for your care, love and commitment."


"It's like winning the lottery!

Having my Companion / Assistant from YGC helping me is truly a gift that makes it possible for me to live independently in my own home.  For the past 3 years we have been a team, successfully meeting my needs and wants in the most convivial manner imaginable.  From laundry to groceries, appointments, spring flower planting, to various other tasks all accomplished amid lively conversations and many laughs.  I look forward to our collaboration for many years to come.  All thanks to YGC."


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