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“I’m so glad you are here.”

When extra support is needed to maintain quality independence, we offer companionship and assistance to you and your family. We take the time to understand what you are needing at this point in your life, and adapt to your individual requirements, abilities and interests. We are delighted to offer you kind and qualified non-medical care.

“Your Good Company has provided exceptional, compassionate care to my dad…”

It is our privilege to offer: 
•  A helping hand with gardening, cooking and light 
•  Rides to appointments, outings and errands
•  Assistance going for walks, sharing a hobby, reading 
together, writing letters or journalling memories
•  Communication with family members and/or senior care

staff, if requested
•  Good companionship!
We look forward to meeting with you to create and implement an individualized care plan.


Our team ensures each individual feels cared for, recognized and appreciated for his or her unique story, values and abilities.  


About Us

Your Good Company was formed by three women who came together to share the best of who they are with seniors and their families. Our experience includes work in the following areas:  

senior companionship, mental health, 

dementia, Reiki, Parkinson’s disease, end of life companionship, and recreation therapy.  We are grateful to have, as part of our team, companions who share our passion for people. We feel lucky to have work that makes so much sense to us; spending quality time with our clients, going for a walk or a coffee, sharing stories, gardening, reading, being friends, supporting families. 

We make our lives the best we can;
we build, and give,
and become ourselves, and find purpose.
And we learn
about letting go,
about who we are
even without the things we've built,
without dear loved ones.
We grow wise
and generous
while also learning to 'receive'.

We will be with you,
supporting your hard-learned, hard-earned,
unique precious life.
We will spend time with you, assist you,
enrich the time we share together.


 'Let the Beauty we love, be what we do'   Rumi



Your Good Company Ltd.

Tel. 780-299-9049

Greater Edmonton

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